Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Cube

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The ralix fidget cube is the ideal portable toy for your office, home, classroom, or on the go. Unlike touch phones and tablets that keep the action on screen, the cube allows you to directly interact with each game, even simultaneously. When you’re at work, school, waiting for an appointment, or dealing with the pressure of an anxiety disorder, the cube gives you permission to play.

Work on clearing your head and mastering your motor skills. The arrangement of each button, switch, and spinner guides your attention directly to the fun at hand. And when you’re stressed out, the fidget cube is nearby to help you de-stress. Soon you’ll be refocused on your job, family, and hobbies, your mood will be lifted, and your productivity will soar.

As tasks in your life pile up, the tension of dealing with them also tends to rise. Let off some steam with all six sides of this cube that feature multiple options to help you replace stress with calm, anxiety with peace, and boredom with entertainment.

Anyone over the ​age of 3​ is the right fit for this fidget. Kids will love it for its small size and variety, while adults will appreciate the quick and convenient diversion from sensory overload. If you’re feeling the effects of anxiety, or simply want to have fun, this cube can help you conquer the uneasiness and add enjoyment to your day.

Click the switch, push the buttons, flip the lock turns, and spin the spinner for hours and hours. Each side offers something new and is designed to provide you with a variety of amusements. This cube is made with durable plastic and silicone that is comfortable to hold and easy to grip.

-Ralix Fidget Cube
-Relieves stress and anxiety
-Ideal for office and classroom
-Choose from 4 colors
-​Suitable for ages 3 and up