Ralix Electronic Lighter


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The Ralix One-Click Rechargable Lighter is a high-end, luxuriously built accessory for those who insist on buy ing the best for themselves. The smooth zinc alloy body feels sturdy and sleek in your hand, and the one-arch wind-resistant light is so simple to use, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this lighter. With a fitted cap and a simple, one-click button to strike up a flame, our premium design is intuitive, practical, and organic.

Click, light, recharge, repeat. That’s the simplicity of the Ralix One-Click Rechargable Lighter. One lighter for the rest of your life. That’s a big commitment, and at Ralix we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to big decisions. Get a sexy, sleek lighter that is easy to use and works every time. A USB plug-in allows for speedy recharges, and a power indicator light lets you know when the lighter is fully charged and ready to use again.

No more snuffed out flames in the winds of frigid winter days, our one-arch igniter creates an electric current far hotter than the flame of a gas or liquid fuel lighter. With no flame to snuff out, lighting up has never been easier. Whether you’re taking a smoke break or lighting a fire, the Ralix One-Click Rechargable Lighter makes it safe and easy to get the spark you need.

Plug in to refuel. Our friendly design does not rely on gas or other liquid fuels. Simply plug your lighter into the wall and recharge. One USB charge lasts for up to 300 sparks or about a week’s worth of use. One of the most efficient electric lighters on the market, the Ralix One-Click Rechargable Lighter will never leave you stranded without a spark.

No more rubbing your thumb raw trying to spark a flame. The innovative one-arch igniter quickly and easily activates at the touch of a button. Why waste time with clunky disposable lighters when there’s an easier way? Simply flip back the cap, press the premium metal button, and you’ve got a spark.

– ONE CLICK, SINGLE ARC ELECTRIC LIGHTER: Can’t get any easier! Simply charge, click, light, repeat
EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT & SAFE: USB rechargeable lighter is wind-resistant & doesn’t use gas or fluid
ELEGANT, STURDY DESIGN: Zinc alloy construction won’t melt or fall apart like cheap plastic lighters
LIGHTS EVERY TIME: A full charge lasts one week & features indicator light for battery protection
CUSTOMERS SAY: Easy to use, reliable & fantastic value! | Best lighter I’ve ever owned. Hands down!